Gladys Ricart case video viral on Reddit and On Twitter, the bloody bride

Gladys Ricart case video viral on Reddit and On Twitter, the bloody bride
Gladys Ricart, 39, and her two kids reside in New Jersey. When she was very young, her family relocated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. She worked as a filer for a travel agency and led a comfortable life.

According to Gladys’s family, she was most vulnerable on September 26, 1999, when she met Agustn Garcia. Garcia was a wealthy businessman from New York who had naturalized as an American. He is also a Dominican.

Both of them experienced a love affair, which caused many changes in their relationship. Gladys is an attractive woman with a formidable character. Agustin is also a very shy person because his body isn’t particularly attractive.

Gladys makes the decision to leave Agustn and start over as a result of his infidelity, unhealthy jealousy, and verbal and physical abuse of her. However, he would never abandon her.

Despite the fact that she met James Preston Jr. , who would later enchant her and win her heart, and who would marry her. Agustn will, indeed, bother her by following her around. Even if she discusses it with her fiance at work or home.

Gladys never once or twice confided in her friends and family about her fears. In fact, they were caught on surveillance cameras together in a store just a few days before the wedding. You can see a frightened Gladys who is imprisoned there in those images. Agustn and a frightened Gladys were captured on camera a few days prior to the wedding. But she’s decided to start a new life because she’s made up her mind to.

26 September 1999 saw her arrival. Agustin witnessed the wedding of Gladys and James. While visiting the bride and groom’s home, several wedding guests spotted him but chose not to alert him out of respect for the bride’s party.

While pictures were being taken of Gladys and her friends and family, Agustn entered the home. Because he was dressed appropriately for the occasion and because he was a well-educated businessman, people assumed he had accepted his fate and would attend the wedding to congratulate the bride.

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Gladys, who was sporting a snow-white wedding gown, was shot by Agustin while in front of the camera. As Juan Ricarte, the attacker’s brother, jumped on top of him, grabbed the weapon, and held him down, the bridesmaids’ screams could be heard. The last straw. The murder weapon is visible in the lower left corner. In the middle, Gladys is making an effort to slink away.

But it was too late. Gladys was shot three times and ultimately died as a result. He was taken to jail by the police a short while later. Gladys’s passing shocked the whole nation and exposed the immaturity of many envious men who wouldn’t let a woman leave them for any reason.

Augustine received a life sentence in Bergen County Superior Court after being found guilty of first-degree murder. A memorial march was held this morning in Washington Heights to honor Gladys Ricart, a 39-year-old Dominican woman who was murdered on her wedding day in 1999 by her ex-boyfriend.

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