Watch: Video of Kim Kardashian & Ray J Alleged Voicemail Leaks

caramesin.comVideo of Kim Kardashian & Ray J Alleged Voicemail Leaks,Candice Owens has revealed the audio message Kim Kardashian allegedly sent to Ray J nearly a decade ago. In the voicemail, he called Whitney Houston “the old man” before calling the former couple “sick” and “disgusting.

” While it’s unclear how Owens got the sound, I felt inclined to play the recording on the latest episode of Candice Owens’ podcast, where she discusses black men used by the Kardashians. They would have gotten to where they are today, before he would “leave” them. in the dust. ”

Owens said, “Some tapes came out of Kim Kardashian’s trash talking […] She’s not the pretty little Kim K she’s showing off today. “It’s bad; he calls Whitney Houston an idiot and yells at Ray J. […] She’s the opposite version of Kim Kardashian your kids followed.

Then he let his audience know that the audio he put in their hands just a rehearsal of the full recording yet to be released.

“I really think you are a sick person,” a woman who is believed to be Kardashian is heard speaking on the tape. “You’re just desperate and would do anything to get attention.

You’re so disgusting Have fun with old hag Whitney, you’re so sick – and crack is definitely not for you. ”
Listen below.

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