(Viral Video) Outrage shooting on a Houston Texas street, and the name and photo of the suspect has been released.

(Viral Video) Outrage shooting on a Houston Texas street, and the name and photo of the suspect has been released.

caramesin.com – Hello friends, wherever you are, warm greetings to all, recently social media was shocked with information about (Leaked) HOUSTON, TEXAS, ROAD RAGE SHOOTING VIDEOS.

Social media users everywhere are shocked with information about HOUSTON, TEXAS, ROAD RAGE SHOOTING VIDEOS, What’s the Cause!

Video of the Houston Texas highway shooting has gone viral, and the suspect’s name and photo were released. The video, especially one showing the street rage in Houston, Texas, went viral on Twitter on Tuesday. As a result, everyone wanted to know more about the true tragedy that took place there. A cleaning service owner named Nazly Ortiz and his conman use their black vehicle.


A disabled US Navy veteran named Benjamin Green tries to attack someone while chasing him with his silver car. As she sat in the driver’s seat, Nazli watched as she filmed the silver sedan sliding off the curb. Green can also be seen driving a black truck (vehicle) as he goes out to chase a silver car. Follow stoptechy for more updates. Who is Nazli Ortiz?

Video footage of the Houston, Texas freeway shooting and several photos taken at key moments provide clear evidence that Green chased the man in his car with Nozley’s help. He first grabbed the car as the two drove north on I-45 and both stopped when Green attempted to attack a certain passenger in the car. It was later found that a two-year-old baby was in the car with the driver who started the road rage incident.

Video shot in Houston, Texas, Road Rage

Armed with a gun, Nazli blocked the way of the protester and tried to escape from the place. It even fires a bullet from the back of the truck to stop it and help it fly. Fortunately, the bullet did not injure either the person on board or the child. He continued shooting while the man was still driving. While driving to a nearby hospital, it was revealed that he was not seriously injured and had only minor concussions. Fortunately, the child was unharmed and survived. Street rage shooting in Houston, Texas

When the car was purchased there were only a few small scratches, so not much was lost. It is good that these two criminals were immediately arrested and brought to justice. Sheriffs are often there to protect the community from unsavory characters, and they do a great job. Both have been reported and are currently in prison. Green was charged with assault and Nazli with aggravated assault. He uses more power and can hurt his wife and baby, so a Google search for “Who is Nazly” on Twitter will show a video of the incident. View a street knuckle in Houston, Texas.

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