Viral: Apple Store with almost no security in California

Viral: Apple Store with almost no security in California – What’s the worst that could happen?Can tell you directly, I work for a big brand mobile service retailer. Had a guy pick up a demo phone one day when we were busy and no one noticed right away.

He turned off the location after a while. Within a few days, all the other iPhones in the store started showing their selfies and car shots in the shared photos. He came to the same location less than a week after picking it up trying to activate the service on a device he picked up from the store after we laughed at his picture for a few days.

Checked to make sure it was the correct IMEI (serial number) and gave him the option to return it without calling the police. He returned it but the initial police report did not go away. Can’t say what happened other than his own stupidity became crystal clear in no time.

Not even spare parts. Apple software locks most of the phone’s components so they can’t be used in a different unit. They either don’t work at all, or work with some functionality disabled and/or constant error messages.

They do. All retail display units are locked down. There’s no getting into them, no restoring them, nothing. They go into a complete lockdown and enable pinging for device location.

It doesn’t matter. They’ll end up on eBay or Facebook marketplace. They will sell them for a quick buck, the person buying them will report the seller, noting will happen, and the cycle will continually repeat itself.

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