Complete List: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, New Pokemon Potentially Leaking Online

Complete List: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, New Pokemon Potentially Leaking Online – The names and types of every new creature in Pokémon Scarlett and Violet have been leaked online, providing fans with new information on Team Comps and more.

Many fans are expecting genuine Pokémon Scarlett and Violet leaks, as the first copies ended up in the hands of a few consumers, and now a handful have leaked into the wild. It looks like it’s been a pretty leaky gaming season, with Sonic Frontiers and God of War Ragnarok suffering leaks ahead of their release. But of course, the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are a little different.

While many fans enjoyed Sonic Frontier and God of War Ragnarok, many hoped that the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet creatures would be properly exposed and otherwise leaked. There are several reasons for this, including thinking about launch team composition, choosing the funniest/best Pokémon of each type, and influencing which starter Pokémon to use. Neither Pokemon nor Game Freak really made anything this year, which led to a number of major leaks.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Leaks Compilation

Now, shortly after images of Fuoko evolving into Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaked online, complete lists of new Pokémon are circulating on the internet. It has appeared multiple times on Reddit, Twitter, and Pastebin, indicating it is growing very rapidly. However, keep in mind that this may be a list made in time for wide adoption. It doesn’t come from famous dropouts like Riddler Ku or Kaka.

However, it seems to line up nicely with what has been leaked so far about Scarlet and Sumire’s many Pokémon creatures. It includes a quartet of known legends, the third legend to appear in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, new evolutions of older Pokémon, and what appears to be the types associated with each Paradox Pokémon. Not included. If this list is fake, it is a very unique and well made fake. Potential spoilers follow.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leaked Pokemon List

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendaries:

  • Koraidon (Dragon/Fighting)
  • Miraidon (Dragon/Electric)

Pokemon Violet Future Paradox Pokemon:

  • Miraidonphan (Ground/Electric)
  • Garowlia (Fairy/Fighting)
  • Haulbird (Water/Ice)
  • Mechanitar (Electric/Dark)
  • Kokadreice (Flying/Dark)
  • Harissage (Fighting/Psychic)
  • Gammarona (Posion/Fire)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Pokemon:

  • Koraidonphan (Ground/Fighting)
  • Bigglyruff (Dragon/Fairy)
  • Mystereavus (Ghost/Fairy)
  • Salanthrope (Dragon/Dark)
  • Stalagneton (Rock/Steel)
  • Ungaboonguss (Rock/Grass)
  • Volcryptid (Bug/Fighting)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pseudolegendary:

  • Cretassil (Ice/Dragon)
  • Cryovern (Ice/Dragon)
  • Paleoliz (Ice/Dragon)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Legendary Quartet:

  • Folieris (Grass/Dark)
  • Flameris (Grass/Dark)
  • Soileris (Ground/Dark)
  • Frozeris (Ice/Dark)
  • Mankey (Fighting)
  • Primeape (Fighting)
  • Ghourilla (Fighting/Ghost)
  • Pollupunk (Steel/Poison)
  • Axelerate (Steel/Poison)
  • Ryumami (Water/Dragon)
  • Largumet (Water)
  • Pawniard (Dark/Steel)
  • Bisharp (Dark/Steel)
  • Samuroyal (Dark/Steel)
    • Cyclizar (Dragon/Normal)
    • Perichoir (Normal/Flying)
    • Saliroom (Rock)
    • Chunkloride (Rock)
    • Nacliff (Rock)
    • Mineroll (Bug)
    • Scaravoyant (Bug/Psychic)
    • Awestrich (Psychic)
    • Avestrut (Psychic)
    • Mawluza (Water/Psychic)
    • Dolphino (Water)
    • Dolpather (Water)
    • Haffus (Dark)
    • Barkness (Dark)
    • Abheront (Dark/Flying)
    • Greavard (Ghost)
    • Zombark (Ghost)
    • Mouspray (Poison/Normal)
    • Grafaiai (Poison/Normal)
    • Toadscool (Grass/Ground)
    • Toadscruel (Grass/Ground)
    • Pesticu (Rock/Poison)
    • Flortilizer (Rock/Poison)
    • Whalittle (Ice)
    • Cetitan (Ice)
    • Gimmighoul (Ghost)
    • Ethaurum (Ghost/Steel)
      • Locustice (Bug)
      • Swarmada (Bug/Dark)
      • Klawf (Rock)
      • Vakeroot (Grass/Ghost)
      • Constumble (Grass/Ghost)
      • Tauros (Fighting)
      • Tauros (Fighting/Water)
      • Tauros (Fighting/Fire)
      • Fidough (Fairy)
      • Barkery (Fairy)
      • Martilil (Fairy/Steel)
      • Hammenina (Fairy/Steel)
      • Mallerina (Fairy/Steel)
      • Scorville (Fire/Grass)
      • Kapiscorch (Fire/Grass)
      • Lampoly (Electric)
      • Bellibolt (Electric)
      • Wiglett (Water)
      • Wugtrio (Water/Fairy)
      • Burronelia (Steel)
      • Girafarig (Normal/Psychic)
      • Farigiraf (Normal/Psychic)
      • Dunsparce (Normal)
      • Abundunce (Normal)
      • Cymknight (Fire)
      • Armarouge (Fire/Psychic)
      • Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost)
      • Sprigatito (Grass)
      • Gatrixy (Grass)
      • Caliquin (Grass/Dark)
      • Fuecoco (Fire)
      • Crocalor (Fire)
      • Lulligator (Fire/Ghost)
      • Quaxly (Water)
      • Quaffure (Water)
      • Quaxelence (Water/Fighting)
      • Lechonk (Normal)
      • Jabanquet (Normal/Fairy)
      • Tarountaula (Bug)
      • Arachbead (Bug)
      • Swabbatross (Normal/Flying)
      • Captrel (Electric/Flying)
      • Flamigo (Fighting/Flying)
      • Pawmi (Electric)
      • Nurzumi (Electric)
      • Marmozon (Electric/Fighting)
      • Minimice (Normal)
      • Maximice (Normal)
      • Wooper (Poison/Ground)
      • Toxalotl (Poison/Ground)
      • Smoliv (Grass/Normal)
      • Doliv (Grass/Normal)
      • Idoliv (Grass/Normal)

Again, it’s worth noting that this could be a well-timed and executed fake leak. Hard to say for sure, but release is imminent. Their publication will somehow confirm the veracity of this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leak.

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