Watch: Video of Kayla Bergom from Iowa cheating on inmates while working in prison

Watch: Video of Kayla Bergom from Iowa cheating on inmates while working in prison – A guard or warden invites an inmate or inmate to have sex in a closet in a state prison in Iowa, United States.
In addition to being in the closet, a beautiful prison guard named Kayla Mae Bergom, 27, was also found having sex with an inmate in the prison yard. Kayla invites an anonymous 29-year-old male inmate to have sex.

Like Kayla, male prisoners were also arrested and charged with sexual assault. However, both pleaded not guilty.

Bergum and his inmate had sex in a prison facility locker in October 2020, according to court documents obtained by the newspaper. Two separate sexual encounters took place at the amusement park, once in September 2020 and once in April 2021.

Kayla was arrested on April 20, 2022 by the Tama County Sheriff’s Office. He was acquitted before his trial and released the same day.

According to Tama County Sheriff Dennis Kusera, he resigned after serving three years in prison. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison, reports The Gazette.

Beautiful Jailer Seduced By Prisoner

A handsome prison guard is fired and jailed after misbehaving in the line of duty. One of the guards, known to have been widowed for a long time, had sex with prisoners rather than guarding them while they were in prison.

To make matters worse, the cute security guard pleased his other colleagues by watching his bed scenes. He has been doing this unconditionally for over a year.

This 26-year-old prison guard was arrested in December 2019 and presented to the judicial authorities. The guard, known as Tina Gonzalez, admitted that she had sex with one of the inmates in the cell and was watched by 11 male inmates.

The warden of the Fresno County Jail in California also surprised a judge by intentionally piercing her pants to facilitate sex without her pants off. In addition to sex with the prisoner on duty, Tina also provided the prisoner with illegal drugs, cell phones, razors, and confidential information about Fresno Prison.

Tina was arrested after the action sparked a scene across the prison. As The Daily Star reported, Tina was tried on Thursday (July 1, 2021) of jeopardizing the safety of a colleague in prison, betraying her profession, and cheating.

Fresno County Sheriff Steve Markomas said Tina’s actions were the worst the prison has ever done. Tina was arrested after the operation caused a stir in the prison.

According to the Daily Star, Tina was brought to trial on Thursday (1/7/2021) on charges of threatening the safety of her fellow prison guards, violating her professional vows and committing misconduct. Assistant Fresno County Sheriff Steve McComas said Tina’s behavior was the worst a jailer had ever committed.

He also cooperates and takes full responsibility for his actions. According to Martin, Tina’s demeanor changed after the marriage ended.

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“It was never intended to harm any prison staff or other prison staff,” he said. The judge who sentenced him shook his head. Judge Michael Administration said Tina’s actions were stupid. They also sentenced him to a minimum of 210 days in prison.

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“I thought what you did was horrible and stupid,” he said. “You ruined your career. You are a danger to your colleagues. But I also believe that people can redeem have the rest of your life to prove it.

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