Watch: Two years after a 9-year-old killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi, his family has filed a lawsuit – Uzi accidentally killed a teacher. He filed a lawsuit saying he did not believe in giving guns to girls. “A GUN is not a safe or convenient weapon. He can hand a gun to a 9-year-old girl like a child shooter, causing the area to lose ground when he shoots gun. Attorney Marc Lamber said the case focused on Arizona’s gun-related mines and businesses related to its operations. Children do or family members do not call it. Lan Bo said on Friday, “You feel that you and your parents … are in great pain, they have to endure for a long time.”

Charles Vacca, a gun war commentator about an hour from Las Vegas, was killed in the shooting. A report from the Mohwi County Sheriff’s Office said the 9-year-old later said the gun was “too heavy for him.” When Vacca left the girl to send Uzi alone, what happened on August 25, 2014 had fatal consequences. The gun ring was sent through the air and hit Vacca. Before he was killed, he “automatically” set his weapon to “automatic” and the video of the incident showed.

“The UZI is an inappropriate and dangerous weapon. He gave away a 9-year-old girl as a child’s debt, thus creating an unnecessary risk and an unsafe environment for local residents, including Charles J. Vacca, jr. “.

No information was immediately returned from the shooting area Friday. “We have complaints here that the job of killing Charlie Vacca is really dangerous. Basically, it’s dangerous for children,” another lawyer for the Vacca family, James James Goodnow, told ABC News. The gun battle has sparked debate about guns and child safety, but many people wonder if they should be dealing with high-powered guns. At the time, the Washington Post and Mark

Burman Sandia Somashhar reported:

The incident was captured on video released by police, which immediately caused problems for a gun control advocate, who later said it pointed to the dangers that children can use weapons. In a rare moment of agreement, some gun rights advocates also took the incident as a warning that children should not be allowed to face the notorious dangers of deadly weapons.

But pro-gun experts add that if they had their way, they would teach kids to shoot some guns. Young people learn hand-eye coordination. When you accidentally find a weapon in the playground, you know what to do. They learn to defend themselves when attacked.

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