Watch: Naked Erick Adame Webcam Video Leaks – Court documents obtained by The Daily Beast show that a New York City TV weather forecaster was fired after an anonymous user sent nude screenshots of an online video chat to her boss and mother.

Two-time Emmy-nominated Eric Adams, who recently went missing after nearly four years as a meteorologist in New York 1, is now petitioning a Manhattan judge to compel Internet forum owners. 4 Media, Inc. – Learn about and dig deep into the NSFW leakers’ careers. The website itself is not specified in Adam’s repository. However, a site called advises users to “purchase an LPSG subscription and it will appear on your statement as Unit 4 Media”.

Short for “Large Penis Support Group,” LPSG describes it as “the most amazing open, fun, and sexy adult community” on the Internet. The Daily Beast reached out to Adame for comment Monday morning. On Monday afternoon, he posted on Instagram telling his viewers and fans, “I want to take this opportunity to share my truth rather than let others control my paddy story.

“Despite being a public figure, appearing on television in the nation’s largest market and appearing in front of millions five days a week for over a decade and a half, I was secretly on adult cams. I was on the website, Adam continued. “On this site, when I was at home, I used to do compulsive acts, like camming for other guys. It was 100% okay from all of us. I was not paid for this and it was foolish to think that I could keep this private. But my employer found out and I was suspended and fired.”

A TV Weather Presenter Was Fired After Someone Sent His Employer Nude Images

By email, NY1 Morning On 1 presenter Adame declined to comment and introduced The Daily Beast to attorney Jeremy Klausner. As of noon on Monday, Krausner does not respond to multiple emails and voicemails asking for comments. A spokesperson for Charter Communications, NY1’s parent company, declined to comment or provide an exact date for Adame’s termination.

“The weather can be unpredictable and [sic] I’m happy to make sure you’re prepared for whatever happens,” Adame says on her personal website. “I am honored to be not only interesting but also a meteorological story that can be understood. My accuracy is as good as making good messages.”

On Monday, the audience pointed out that Adam had disappeared without explanation. “What happened to Eric Adam?” asked the sad-looking Twitter user.

Adame’s problem is that in late 2021 he will use his Unit 4 “video chat service” and an anonymous user will “accidentally copy a picture of him without clothes” and “take a screenshot.” It can be traced back to The files show that the anonymous user had several accounts with the same username: sonal prehon, tomisize29, funtimes99, and landnboy227.

The petition states that the user “unfairly” distributed the image to Adam’s employer and mother “with the intention of harassing, harassing or intimidating him” and “improperly disrupting his work,” the petition said. has gone. As a result, Adam was fired by his employer.

“Anonymous knew [Adam] had reasonable expectations that the image would remain private.” “Anam has released an image without [Adame consent].”

The petition said that Adame would like to bring legal measures against her anonymous desires, but cannot do so without information to identify them. ”

According to the file, UNIT 4 media did not hold records that identify users, such as “information provided by users and IP addresses.”

Lawrence Walters, a unit 4 media and LPSG lawyer, tells Daily Beast in an email: Capturing and posting User Content without consent violates our Customer Terms of Service and Forum Rules, which may result in the suspension or ban of the offending accounts.

Adame isn’t the first TV meteorologist to be harassed over nude photos. In 2006, meteorologist Jamie Singleton was fired from NBC’s WSLS-TV in Virginia after a nude photo of him getting out of the shower appeared on someone else’s MySpace page. In his statement, Adams apologized to employers, colleagues, the public, family and friends “for any embarrassment or humiliation I have caused you” and said he is seeking professional help. “As a public figure, I recognize that I have certain responsibilities that come with the perks I’ve enjoyed,” Adam continued. “But, let me be clear about something: I’m not apologizing for being gay or sexually positive.

So time gave his message to future employers: “Please judge hundreds of hours of Televiso define.”

“Think about your management in the news room – that you have ignored, forgiveness or ignored? Finally, all acceptable talents are full of human fiber and your work is not easy for our antiques.” “One thing I can promise is that I learned an exemplary lesson and employee and the most well -founded and enthusiastic meteorologist you’ve ever seen.”



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