WATCH: Gary Plauche’s video posted on Twitter sparks outrage online

In the history of American criminal justice, the trial of Gary Plauche is one of the most interesting cases, because the person from Baton Rouge committed a crime that has affected the public since he had it in 1984. Eventually, the crime was discovered. . Photos and videos of the shooting were also shared on social media. Despite watching the video, people seem to support the suspect more than the person. After decades, a heartbreaking video of Gary Plauche surfaced on social media and made a difference in DM. If you are running to the news to learn the same, this article will help you know what happened on Father’s Day in 1984. Keep reading this column and uncover the details. Drag the page down.

Videography by Gary Plauche

A man named Jeff Doucet killed Leon Gary Plauche in front of television cameras. Justice was assassinated in 1984 and a video of the incident was shared around Father’s Day. Until now, many books and magazines such as Why, Gary, Why?: The Jody Plauche Story released in 2019, have covered Gary Plauche’s story. Gary’s son, Jody, wrote the book quoted at the beginning. The book describes how Jody Plauche was kidnapped by a local karate instructor named Jeffrey Doucet, a friend of Gary Plauche’s family. Doucet was very close to the family. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Jeffrey Doucet had been close to the family for years, but he started hurting Gary’s son, Jody, during this time. Doucet kidnaps Jody and takes her to California via Baton Rouge, and molests her. Louisiana police tracked down Jody and arrested Jeffery Doucet. Gary learned about Doucet’s treatment of his son. Scroll down and read more details.

To get revenge on Doucet, Gary Plauche devised an offensive plan. When Doucet was flown to Baton Rouge, Gary Plauche was waiting for him at the airport with a gun. Gary Plauche shot Doucet in the head as Doucet surrounded him. Police immediately arrested Gary Plauche and identified him as the father of the abused child. Gary Plauche was initially charged with second degree murder, but eventually the charge was dropped for first degree murder. He did not support my conviction, so he was sentenced to seven years, five years, and 300 years of community service.

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