Viral Video of Big Fireworks Exploding at Party & Even Their Van Explodes

Viral Video of Big Fireworks Exploding at Party & Even Their Van Explodes – Viral Video of Big Fireworks Exploding at Party & Even Their Van Explodes, DIY fireworks exploded outside the family home at a scary moment, now going viral.

This 31-second video was captured by a SimpliSafe CCTV camera in front of the house and shows just how bad things can get if you place fireworks next to your vehicle.

This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers.

The video was posted on Reddit and Twitter, and has gone viral since July 4, garnering over 14 million views on Twitter alone.

It’s not clear what injuries the family suffered from in the video, but the video itself is quite a ride. In the video, dozens of people – including children – can be seen sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard of a suburban home. The fish-eye view shows that a few parents have placed a fireworks launcher on the edge of the street, and on the right you can see a bunch of fireworks stacked behind a van in the driveway.

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A few men stand around the sling and light it. Then someone made a complete joke about my dad running away yelling “Run!” in a funny voice.

Fireworks begin to burn, then a cluster of fiery sparks explode across the lawn and down the driveway. One of the sparks seems to hit someone in the lawn chairs.

A woman screams, then a child screams near the van while another firecrackers go off behind her – right next to the minivan.

The adults look confused for a moment. A fireball then erupts behind the van and within seconds a giant fireball explodes right behind one of the fleeing men.Read also :Link Real Sthembiso Sk Khoza Missing Trending Video Instagram

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Everyone can be seen running and then caught in quick bursts of fire, and the video ends with a thick cloud of smoke and fire marks all over the grass. When and where the incident happened is unknown. Twitter user @new_orleansjazz posted a clip on Tuesday, but says he found it on Reddit and re-shared also:New Link My toddler keeps going viral on TikTok. As a gender-fluid parent, it hasn’t always been an easy experience.

I contacted Reddit when the video was first also:Link Leaked Video Jannat Gaming Viral On Twitter & Facebook Latest

According to a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released ahead of Independence Day, fireworks-related injuries and deaths have increased in the past few years. According to the report, last year alone nine people were killed and around 11,500 were injured.

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