Toyota Terbaru Meluncurkan Fortuner Spesifikasi Terbaik – TOYOTA FORTUNER Baru Diluncurkan, Cek Varian dan Kisaran Harga , Ini Wujudnya!,Toyota Fortuner is once again launching its new car.
The appearance this time is very nice, no less terrible than the previous generation. So, how much will the new 2023 Toyota Fortuner cost?
Toyota will present its new Fortuner car in 2023. Toyota Fortuner 2023 is equipped with a new, more powerful exterior and engine.

fortuner terbaru

The advent of Fortuner 2023 is Toyota’s serious approach to control the Indonesian car market. Quote from Auto Info Project Youtube channel, Fortuner 2023 could be launched next year.
According to reports, the Fortuner 2023 is not only equipped with a pacemaker or the latest engine. This SUV ladder frame will add many features and functions

In terms of engines, Toyota will continue to focus on diesel over petrol.
In terms of design, the Toyota Fortuner 2023 has the latest spoilers and bumper grille designs. Because the front looks very different from the previous version.
For the latest version 2.8, the GR sticker is attached at the bottom. This Fortuner has a new design of wheels that gives an impression of adventure.

Internally, the Fortuner 2023 will sport an integrated MID. In this way, it can provide complete information such as sports or eco mode display, sonar distance, TFT on and more.
The driver and passenger seats also have power adjustments that can be adjusted electrically at the push of a button. Engine-wise, the Fortuner 2023 will be a mild hybrid, although Toyota will continue to rely on a diesel engine instead of a petrol engine as its main engine. ***

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price range

The price range is likely to remain with the previous generation.
2.4G 4×2 M/T Type: Rp 521,600,000. Tips 2,4 G 4×2 A/T: Rp539.200.000. Tipe 2.4 VRZ 4×2 A/T: Rp570.000.000. This article was published by with the title “2023 Fortuner, the latest generation rugged Toyota, wants to buy”

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