(Read) Mairimashita Iruma Kun Chapter 261 Full English

(Read) Mairimashita Iruma Kun Chapter 261 Full English

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marymashita iruma kun chapter 261 english

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Marimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 261 We saw that Atori reached Iruma in the last panel. Atori planned to kidnap Iruma to introduce him to Baal. It will be a difficult task as border controls are already in place and all teachers are aware of the situation. However, his spider demon form is extremely fast and can outsmart anyone. If Iruma is found, it will be almost impossible to stop him. He can also use Iruma to woo her.

Atori is unaware that Kalego is accompanied by Iruma as his familiar form. Well-known rules also stipulate that a kind person must save the owner or put his life at risk.

It is possible that Calego senses Atori coming to Yiruma. In our opinion, Kalego in his familiar form will defeat Atori and the rest of the Teachers or Border Patrol will capture him. This allows Six Finger to consider the possibility that Iruma’s acquaintance might be possible.

Atori is oblivious to the fact that Calego is making Yiruma a familiar character. Familiar rules also stipulate that familiars must save their owners or risk their lives.

There is also the possibility that Kalego may have sensed Atori approaching Iruma. Our opinion is that Kalego in his familiar form will defeat Atori, and then the remaining teachers, or Border Control, will seize him. This will allow Six Finger to consider the possibility that Iruma’s Familiar might be possible.

Link Video Mairimashita Iruma Kun Chapter 261 English

You already know the original video of Mairimashita Iruma Kun Chapter 261 English, if you don’t know, watch the video below. Chapter scans of the Iruma Kun 261 are available one day before their official release and can be viewed on various YouTube channels and websites.

We will have to wait for Chapter 261 to be translated into English. This is the case now. We’ll be back soon with a pre-scan of Yiruma-kun’s episode 261. Keep reading the next article and stay tuned for more details.

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