Raymond Weaver Video – Raymond Weaver Facebook Live Viral Video

Raymond Weaver Video - Raymond Weaver Facebook Live Viral Video
A Facebook Live video of American Raymond Weber threatening to kill police officers and taking part in a protracted altercation with authorities in January went viral on the internet. He became well-known as a result.

But this wasn’t the first time he’d run afoul of the law. Weaver had a long history of crime and violence, including rape and murder. In this essay, we’ll talk about notorious criminal Raymond Weaver and the terrible things he did.

After posting a Facebook Live video on which he was seen brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot police officers, Raymond Weaver became well-known in January. Weaver was holed up in a hotel room in California before surrendering to the police, fighting with them for several hours. He was charged with a number of offenses, such as possessing a weapon while a felon, threatening terrorism, and defying arrest.

Raymond Weaver has a criminal history that includes murder and rape. He received a 12-year prison sentence after being found guilty in Colorado in 2004 of raping a 15-year-old girl. He moved to California in 2010 after receiving parole. In 2013, he was detained on suspicion of murdering two teenage girls in a hotel room. Police reports claim that Weaver lured the girls to the hotel room where he sexually assaulted and killed them after meeting them on an online dating service. He later received a death sentence after being found guilty of his actions.

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