One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers: Garp in a Hard Place?!

One Piece has finally returned with the spoilers of Chapter 1087 after a months hiatus due to Oda’s successful eye surgery. This week, the story continues on Beehive Island, where Garp raids Blackbeard’s pirate base to rescue Coby. But a group of spoilers for Chapter 1087 surprised many people this time, as Garp may have reached his limit (which is to be expected from an adult). Spoilers for One Page Chapter 1087 are now out. Read on for all the important details.

One Piece Chapter 1086 Quick Summary

One part of chapter 1086 is called “The Five Elders”, the highlight of this chapter is the revelation of the names and titles of these five people who hold the highest power in One Piece World after Imu’s departure.

Besides, the Lulusia Island episode was then corrected when Sabo revealed that the island existed, and Imu ordered the five elders to announce to the world that it never existed, showing the power of Imu.

And the big revelation of this chapter is the revelation of Garling Fingerland, who may have a close relationship with Shanks because he was connected to God Valley in the past, where Roger found Shanks.

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