New zachary latham video original & zachary latham reddit

New zachary latham video original & zachary latham reddit
Zachary Latham maintains that he was defending himself when he fatally stabbed William Durham. Mr. Durham’s family asserts that he had another reason for doing it.

The Durham family and Zachary Latham, neighbors in South Jersey, did not get along. They eventually got into a deadly fight.

Mr. The main issue at hand was Latham’s driving. The Durham family: William Jr. , his wife Catherine, and their two sons — believed he was negligent behind the wheel and repeatedly confronted him about it, according to the family’s attorneys.

Mr. In videos that Latham posted online, he captured their exchanges, which became particularly heated in April. In one, he teased Ms. Durham by referring to her as “Karen” after she criticized his driving. A video of the episode that Mr. Latham posted on TikTok has received over three million views.

Leaked zachary latham video reddit

The authorities claim that a violent altercation resulted from the tensions on May 4. Mr. Durham, a 51-year-old corrections officer, had passed away by the time the incident came to a close, and Mr. Latham, an 18-year-old National Guard private, had been charged with his murder.

The family of Mr. Durham is now accusing Mr. Latham of killing Mr. Durham in order to gain “TikTok fame, despite the fact that they are also being charged for their roles in the fatal altercation. “.

The Cumberland County prosecutor also accused Ms. Dot Dot Durham and her sons of assault and trespass in addition to charging Mr. Dot Dot Latham with manslaughter and other offenses. In a press release announcing the charges, the prosecutor, Jennifer Webb-McRae, did not say who started the fight or why; however, each side accuses the other in a confusing web of divergent stories.

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According to, Mr. Dot Dot Latham’s public defender, Nathan Perry, called the murder a “horrific tragedy” during a court hearing in May. Although Mr. Dot Dot Perry argued that his client had acted in self-defense, he also claimed that “the Durhams to a very, very fair extent visited this great sadness upon themselves.”.

In the same hearing, Mr. Dot Perry reportedly said that Mr. Dot Latham was regarded by the Durhams as “the James Dean of the neighborhood.”.

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