My Hero Academia Prequel Manga Adapted to Anime

The My Hero Academia franchise currently has six anime seasons, the seventh season, which may be the last anime season of the series, is currently in production. However, it looks like the production team has already figured out what they want to do next.

My Hero Academia: Vigilante, which is a spin-off manga series from the popular My Hero Academia manga, is said to have its own anime adaptation. The story of My Hero Academia Vigilantes is set in the same world as MHA and takes place a few years before the events of the main series.

According to a source, My Hero Academia: Vigilante is confirmed to be in production. However, they did not share any details about the anime company that will accept the series or the series.

Banyere My Hero Vigilante Academy

It takes place in a world where people have special abilities called “Quirks”. But this story isn’t about enlisted heroes. Instead, it’s about ordinary people who decide to fight crime on their own.

One such person is Koichi Haimawari. His Quirk, “Slide and Glide”, allows him to glide on the ground, but he cannot fly. Still, he loves heroes and becomes one himself, calling himself “The Crawler”.

His friend, Kazuho Haneyama, also accompanied him. He is also known as PopStep and has the ability to jump very high. He helps The Crawler by distracting the bad guys with his acrobatics and singing.

There is also a tough guy called Knuckleduster. It is unique because it has no quirks at all. Instead, he is very strong and fearless. He guides Koichi and Kazuho in their fighting efforts.

The story is about those heroes who don’t have a license and don’t go to hero school. They do illegal things like security guards.

What is the difference between MHA and MHA Vigilante?


My Hero Academia Vigilante is written by a different author and offers a complete (and dark) look at the superhero world.

The vigilante system focuses on the common people as compared to the mainstream system. So when villains attack these common people, readers (and heroes) become emotionally involved in the story.

Characters like All Might and Aizawa can be seen performing in this version. In the main series, both characters have taken on teaching roles, and we rarely see them fight.

On the other hand, the Vigilante series shows the battle of All Might when he is in his prime. This movement also focuses on foreign heroes on the Japanese side. In the main story, heroes from other countries are not highlighted.

If the leaked information is true, My Hero Academia fans are in for a treat. So far, no official agency has approved the anime adaptation. So, for now, take this information with a grain of salt. We will update the story as soon as there is more information.

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