Lily Sullivan who was killed by my father for refusing to have sex with him is imprisoned

Lily Sullivan who was killed by my father for refusing to have sex with him is imprisoned – Hello friends, it’s back to admin to share viral news as the latest viral and trending news in 2022. Lily Sullivan was in prison and was killed by my father because he refused to have s*x with him.

Dad Lewis Haines, who killed teenager Lily Sullivan by suffocating her after she refused to sleep with him at a drunken Christmas party, has been jailed for life and must serve at least 23 years.

Lewis Haines, 31, previously admitted killing Lily Sullivan after meeting her on a holiday night in the Welsh town on December 16 last year, but previously denied the killing had any s*xual undertones.

In the end, the judge sided with the prosecution and concluded that Haines’ actions were s*xually motivated, giving the killer a harsher sentence. The 18-year-old was seen enjoying a night out with her friends before crazed killer Haines strangled her and dumped her body in a nearby swimming pool.

Before leaving the club separately, Haines and Lily first met at Paddles nightclub. Then they reconnected to the track at the club. They were later seen going to a place known as Mill Pond.

A few hours later, he was seen having fun with his friends at the club where he first met Haines through acquaintance Charlene Jones. I could tell he was trying to talk to Lily,” Ms Jones told the court. He stood next to her and bought her a drink.

“He’s very wild. I thought he wanted to have s*x with her.”

After the club closed, Jones said he saw Haines and Sullivan walking together and yelled, “You’ve got a girlfriend and a kid at home. He’s only 18 years old.”

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Two people who live near the alley said they heard a man and a woman arguing in the early hours of the morning, with a witness saying he heard a woman scream.

By then, Sullivan’s mother, Anna, who was scheduled to pick up her daughter and friend Lara Wood at 2 a.m., was worried.

When he reached Miss Wood, he told her that Miss Sullivan no longer employed him.

Sullivan picked up the phone after making several calls and texts to her daughter and told her mother to meet her at a nearby garage, but she never showed.

Just before 3 a.m., Sullivan answered the phone and admitted he was “only a few minutes away,” which would be the last time he spoke to his daughter. After being hanged mid-sentence, Lily is later found dead.

Lily was strangled before being abandoned in the pond, according to a previous investigation.

Haines ran away, leaving Lily’s body in the water. He was arrested within hours after confessing to the murder to several others.

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The father-of-one and resident of Flemish Court in Lamphey, Pembrokeshire, denied the murders were sexually motivated. Hours before her death, the 18-year-old was seen partying with her friends that night.

He and Haines met at Paddles Club, got together and were later seen walking to a place known as Mill Pond, Swansea Crown Court heard.

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