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(Leaked) Video of Bloody Hand Dryer on TIKTOK Creates USER’S Deepest ‘FEAR’

(Leaked) Video of Bloody Hand Dryer on TIKTOK Creates USER'S Deepest 'FEAR' – (Leaked) Video of Bloody Hand Dryer on TIKTOK Creates USER’S Deepest ‘FEAR’,

Some TikTok users claim their deepest fears have been “unleashed” after watching a viral video of a knife coming out of a hand dryer.

Some people really suffer from Manu Six phobia. Fear of hand dryers.

hand dryer video

The video shows a bloody hand dryer in a dirty, graffiti-studded bathroom. A large blade suddenly emerges from the drying mechanism before slowly pulling it out.

Before the video starts playing, the message “Do not put your hand in the hand dryer. You may break your hand.” is displayed on the screen. Or do, we don’t care.”

In a pinned comment to anyone suffering from “anxiety”, the original poster explains: “This video is an animation and NONE of it has come true. If people say it has, they’re trying to scare you.”

Since it was posted, the video has had more than 12.9 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 41,000 comments, including many from TikTok users claiming it had unlocked a whole new fear of using hand dryers.


Regardless of it being an animation, the 40,000-plus comments include people claiming they’re now terrified of using hand dryers.

One person commented: “You’ve unlocked a new fear of hand dryers!” Another wrote: “Ok, from now on I’m just slipping them from the sides.”

A third added: “I knew it was normal for me to be scared of those hand dryers.” A fourth person wrote: “So glad I use paper towels.”

Some people have even shared videos of them approaching hand dryers in public bathrooms but being hesitant to use them. One person posted a video with the comment: “Never using one of these again.”

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But before the video actually plays, a message pops up on the screen that reads: “Don’t put your hands in a hand dryer, they might cut them off. Otherwise we don’t care. ”

Then the boom comes and the blade comes out of the dryer. Let’s say you didn’t have a hand in the video, but you were disconnected if you were there.

Naturally, the user was indignant at the comment. One user wrote, “* Unlock new horror *”. Another added, “That’s why I don’t use a hand dryer.” The third said, “I use jeans anyway.”

Others have created their own TikTok to share their thoughts. A TikTok showed a user washing their hands, accessing a hand dryer, and then turning to refuel to get a paper towel. “If you want to dry your hands, but remember the video,” she wrote.

However, others have “discovered” the anime proving that there is nothing to fear.

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