(Leaked) Mariam Hadid’s video was criticized and went viral on Twitter

(Leaked) Mariam Hadid's video was criticized and went viral on Twitter

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(Leaked) Mariam Hadid’s video has been criticized and has gone viral on Twitter. This week, it is crowded on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Why did this happen, just take a look at the review below.

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Mariam Hadid’s video was criticized and went viral on Twitter Link

A Lebanese woman named Mariam Hadid caused a stir by claiming to be the first female prophet. He also makes video content that is considered blasphemy against Islam for praying in a tight Spider Gwen costume.

Mariam, who now lives in the United States (US), prides herself as a content creator on various social media platforms, including TikTok. “The first female prophet,” wrote Mariam in a biography that appeared on her personal website.

On her TikTok account, Mariam often uploads comedy content that attacks Islam. One of them featured a prayer with a Spider-Gwen costume that was tight enough to show off her curves.

He says that costumed prayers appear in dreams. Mariam wrote on her TikTok account (@mariam.hadid1) that “I saw strange things in my dreams”. Lei mariam claimed to be the first female prophet, claiming to be sent by God.

In one of his messages, he advises his followers to ask questions that he submits to God. “I am Hamdola’s first female prophet. What do you want me to ask God for? ” He wrote.

Both jokingly and seriously, Mary admits that she wants to have four husbands in the future. According to him, this is a criticism of Islam which allows polygamous men to have four wives.

The woman is also the only fanz, an adult content provider, that makes money. The reason I started OnlyFans. In early 2021, the situation in Lebanon continued to deteriorate as the economy collapsed.

My family and I have been saving our lives in a Lebanese bank since the 1990s. “I know my family is bankrupt and I need to be financially independent,” he added. Mariam also lists in her biography a research position in the Ivy League, an association of eight American universities.

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