Latest Taxi In Cucuta Viral Video on Social Media

Latest Taxi In Cucuta Viral Video on Social Media
– Viral Video of a Taxi in Cucuta That Leaked on Social Media – The woman and the person in the video got into a taxi after discovering alcohol and gave the video to the driver. The northern capital of Santander, where this occurred in the afternoon, is one of the busiest areas of the city. Edgar Torrado, CEO of the Radio Taxi Cone Company, whose cab denied the incident but listened to the recording, insisted on calling the proper law enforcement after listening to it.

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After finding alcohol, the woman and the person in the video went to a taxi and gave the video to the driver. In one of the metro’s busiest areas in the afternoon, this occurred. The business added that it is taking all necessary steps to “manage the situation and prevent this type of letter from happening again and imitating us”. Small mechanical work is performed by shopkeeper Freddy Aranda. He made the decision to keep his car three days away from the movie star. I followed the drivers’ instructions, but look what happened. I’m sorry, but the car had to move quickly to prevent this kind of accident from happening. declared his dynamism. Taxi.

After a video of taxis being used for sex in crowded cities was found, controversy broke out at Kuta Taxi. Hundreds of workers are requesting that unions forbid drivers due to the record’s popularity.

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Before getting into a taxi to record a video, the pair are seen drinking in the video. It took place in the late afternoon close to one of Santander’s busiest neighborhoods. opolis, Santander’s regional capital. Edgar Torrado, CEO of the Radio Taxi Cone Company, whose vehicle denied the incident, insisted on submitting the appropriate warrant after listening to the recording.

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Edgar Torrado, the CEO of Cone Radio Taxi, which owns the vehicle, denied what occurred and consented to being held accountable after viewing the video. The business also released a statement promising to take the necessary actions to deal with the situation and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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