Latest Gautami Patil Scandal And Controversy: MMS Video Viral On Twitter

Latest Gautami Patil Scandal And Controversy: MMS Video Viral On Twitter – The contentious MMS leak video starring Gautami Patil has garnered both the public’s and her fans’ interest, becoming widely shared on social media.

On her social media platforms, professional Lavini Marathi dancer Gautami Patil has a large following.

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As a background performer for the Akluj Lavani Mahotsav, Patil started her career. Her movements have been refined over the course of four to five years of performance.

Thanks to a viral video that was secretly recorded and released by an unidentified person, the Gautami Patil incident and dispute have recently garnered a lot of attention online.

Gautami Patil Scandal And Controversy

People are discussing the dancer’s leaked footage and discussing the Gautami Patil scandal, which is gaining traction and public attention.

Insiders claim that the leaked MMS video depicts the Lavani performer changing into different clothes at a particular event.

Information about the Patil scandal is available on social media. However, it is impossible to find Gautami Patil’s popular movie.

The dancer Gautami Patil’s video was allegedly secretly recorded and posted online by a third party.

The MMS stolen video was also recorded on the phone, and the complainant posted the footage on social media from two different accounts.

Prior to the MMS case, there was a significant interruption last week at Gautami Patil’s dance performance in Bombay.

As soon as the program started, many viewers started spending money to figure out which Gautami stopped the dance. The crowd that was causing the commotion was divided by police using lathi charges.

The dancer was removed after cops lathi-charged him due to the audience’s outrage. The dancer was forced to leave the performance midway because of attempts to act inappropriately on stage.

A young man who had come to watch planting as part of a program was also killed when the roof of the house collapsed on top of him. As a result, many organizations urged for the initiative by Gautami Patil to be stopped.

Additionally, Gautami’s vulgar dance gestures and movements have made headlines

Gautami Patil Viral Video Case

People are irate in response to this incident. Recent advancements in the well-known video case starring Gautami Patil are significant.

Additionally, the police have started to act. As a result of the same film instance, the discussion on social media has gotten more heated. The perpetrators’ punishment has been demanded by numerous people.

Director of the state women’s commission Rupali Chakankar also tweeted about the situation.

The situation is currently being investigated by the authorities. Sources claim that a case has been filed at the Bharti Vidyapeeth Police Station in Pune to recover the stolen video recorder.

A police report was filed under Section 354-C of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the relevant sections of the Information Technology (IT) Act (FIR).

In a tweet, Rupali Chakankar claimed that if a special task force is established and an active campaign to stop this kind of crime is launched, the offenders would be caught.

All over the state, news stories have been focusing on the Gautami Patil controversy and the leaked video. Her supporters are also furious.

The dancer was caught on camera changing into a new outfit for an event, claims the lawsuit.

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