Kevin Gates’ Instagram video of woman’s live birth fills fans with horror as it finally leaves his stories

Kevin Gates’ Instagram video of woman’s live birth fills fans with horror as it finally leaves his stories RAPPER Kevin Gates has shocked fans after posting a photo of a pregnant woman on his Instagram Story.

The actress shared a video of a stranger’s birthday to her 10.9 million Instagram followers on Sunday. And from the reaction, it was clear that many fans were not prepared for what they saw.

“Don’t look at Kevin Gates’ story on Instagram. Trust me,” one person said on Twitter.

Another said: “Why did Kevin Gates put this on his Instagram story?”

“I looked at Kevin Gates’ Instagram story. My eyes,” said the third.

It’s unclear what prompted father-of-two Gates to share a graphic video that has since left the news 24 hours later. He captioned the video: “The best thing in the world is the gift of life.”

The video features a woman named Kendra Johnson, who reportedly shared her birth experience on the @indiebirth Instagram account that posted it “In celebration of Black Maternal Health Week.”

She is seen leaning on what appears to be a kitchen stove as she gives birth, while her partner helps her give birth.

But many unsuspecting viewers of Gates’ account said they were glad they hadn’t seen the video. Social media users posted memes and GIFs to express how upset they were by the video while adding some helpings of humor.

One person on Twitter lamented that he had ignored warnings to fans to avoid the Gates story. “Someone tweeted ‘don’t follow Kevin Gates Instagram story’ next time, I’ll mind my business,” they tweeted.

However, some players feel that people have not matured for their reaction to the video. “Kevin Gates’ Instagram story isn’t even bad, it’s just a woman giving birth. You all need to grow up. This is what your mother did to get you here,” one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: “Kevin Gates’ Instagram story is about a woman giving birth at home. She’s taking advantage of gravity like women have for all of human history. They are all growing.”

Proud father Gates has two children with his wife Dreka Haynes – a daughter named Islah and a son named Kazah.

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