Honda Beat Keluaran Terbaru Kini Siap Luncurkan Di Pasaran – Honda Beat Type Terbaru 2023 Tampilan Elegan dan Mewah! Minat Bestie,The All Hoda Beat is the world’s best-selling scooter launched for the Southeast Asian market. This 110cc scooter has sold well in the market. But did you know that the Honda Beats don’t offer the exact same specs. As reported by from YRP’s official YouTube channel on Saturday, September 3, 2022, the Indonesian version has turned out to be one of the most complete in terms of specifications and price. Take for example a brand new product that was launched in Malaysia that has a limited function, the Idle Stop System (ISS). In Indonesia, motorcycle users are familiar with ISS, a system that automatically shuts down the engine for three seconds when the engine stops.

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It often happens at a red light, and when you want to turn it back on, you just need to turn the gas tank, you don’t have to push the start button. With this ISS feature, the all-new Honda Beat Indonesia version can achieve a gas mileage of 60,600 kilometers per liter, while the Malaysian version is only 59.1 kilometers per liter using the WMTC test method.

Also in terms of price, there is only one non-ISS variant in Malaysia priced at RM5,555 or the equivalent of IDR 19 million. Compared to the brand new Indonesian version, the price of the ISS version is only IDR 16.66 million in Jakarta OTR.

Still at the Honda Beat Motoshow in Bangkok, Honda is said to have showcased one of the latest variants of the all-new Honda Beat concept motorcycle. That’s what it looks like, it looks modern, like a motorcycle from the future, but if you pay attention to the details of the exhaust design, the engine housing filters are all similar. This is actually Honda’s habit, and its bikes use the same engine. Called the Honda IS Euro One, the body looks completely different despite using the Honda Beat underpinnings, with a somewhat typical European design that exudes a luxurious feel, with the twin headlamps filled with colored LEDs. .

The styling of the rear end is also modern with slim LED headlight styling and the design is reminiscent of KZR pieces from the 90s. Not only that, but the design of the speedometer is futuristic with a digital speedometer with a black screen and very simple blue LED indicators that really only give an impression of elegance and luxury to the fuel and speed indicators.
We just have to wait and see if Honda will release this variant making the Honda Beat the best selling scooter in the world when the Honda Beat only has two variants, the standard Honda Beat and the Honda Beat Street. ***

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