Happy Cards: Where to find Happy Cards in Genshin 3.8 Effects? Location details

caramesin – The Genshin Impact Cheerful license became a sought-after collectible during this year’s Secret Paradise event. These special vouchers allow players to get a free costume for one of their favorite characters. This year’s episode focuses on Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow costume, a costume that takes part in the event’s exciting battles. To get this new outfit, players must enter the new Veluriyam Mirage area in Sumeru and collect these Merry Bonds. Raise your screen and find out more.

Where to find a license pass in Genshin Impact 3.8?

So where can you find happiness vouchers and how to get them? The main way to get these coins is to collect the colored balloons scattered around the Veluriyam Mirage area. Just passing one of these balloons will earn you four Happiness Bonds. To make it easier to find these balls, the interactive map provided by miHoYo can help players to find all the current balls. It’s worth mentioning that now players can get a happy license in two locked areas. However, there are still two areas to explore. As the Secret Paradise event unfolds, these open areas will be accessible through future quests.

Additionally, players can also get Merry Vouchers by opening chests in the Veluriyam Mirage area. Each open box rewards players with a coin. To unlock these boxes, players must participate in activities such as defeating monsters, solving puzzles and completing challenges in the Choo-Choo car. Additionally, there are underwater chests, requiring players to explore nearby objects and find Hydro Eidolons to unlock them.

Genshin Impact’s Secret Paradise event always offers great rewards, and the Happiness Voucher is no exception. Players who are desperate to get Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit should start exploring the Veluriyam Mirage area, doing various activities. Whether it’s collecting colored balloons, opening boxes, or completing quizzes, getting those certificates requires dedication and commitment.

Genshin Impact Vouchers’ Secret Paradise Program is a valuable and highly sought-after event. Players can earn these coins by collecting colored balloons scattered around the Veluriyam Mirage area, opening chests, and completing quests. You only need 150 Merry Coupons to get Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit from the event page. You can grab the Joyspar Flow app once you collect the 90 vouchers.

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