fear the walking dead prime video, synopsis of the first two episodes

caramesin.com – The friend of The Walking Dead , Fear The Walking Dead , will debut on August 23 on AMC and, as revealed by SpoilerTV , the prestigious American compensation channel has proactively published the authority title and synopsis of the first two episodes. The first installment in the series will consist of a sum of six chapters and will investigate the origins of the undead invasion that plagues Rick, Michonne and company. Observe:

‘Pilot’ (1×01): A messed up family is compelled to stay together when they discover that a virus is actually the start of the apocalypse of the undead.

‘So Close, Yet So Far’ (1×02): While Madison tries to shield Nick from a devastating last loss, Travis ventures to find his son before the city of Los Angeles falls.

Dread The Walking Dead has been created by Robert Kirkman, writer of the comic book series and executive maker of the first series. Can it rehash the success of its predecessor?

fear the walking dead prime video, synopsis of the first two episodes

As we count down the days to the exceptionally expected debut of Fear The Walking Dead , MovieWeb has released the authority synopsis for the spin-off of the acclaimed series based on Robert Kirkman ‘s The Walking Dead comic book series. This sheds new details about the new zombie fiction that AMC will debut on August 23 and that will show up at AMC Spain simultaneously.

“Set in the same universe as The Walking Dead , Fear The Walking Dead is a gritty show series that explores the start of the undead apocalypse from the perspective of a wrecked family. In a town where individuals fled to safeguard their secrets and cover their past, a mysterious episode threatens to destroy what little stability school counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have figured out how to find.

The everyday pressure of raising two families while managing their resentful and troubled children will assume a lower priority as society begins to unwind. A constrained transformation and the necessary survival of the fittest is established, and our dysfunctional family must either rethink itself or find a sense of peace with its more obscure histories.”

Starring Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens ( Gone Girl , Sons of Anarchy ), Frank Dillane ( Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ) and Alycia Debnam Carey among others, the first installment of Fear The Walking Dead will consist of six chapters. As you might bear in mind, the first series also had the same number of episodes in its first season.

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