Blackout Challenge TikTok Video Viral Dare Or Slow Death?

Blackout Challenge TikTok Video Viral Dare Or Slow Death?
The TikTok Blackout Challenge is the worst and most dangerous of all the challenges the app promotes. The “choking challenge” or “pass-out challenge” are other names for the viral challenge. ‘.

The blackout challenge involves doing exactly what its name implies, i.e. e. holding one’s breath until one ultimately faints from a lack of oxygen.

It was first revealed in 2008, which is when the terrifying challenge first surfaced. The deadly challenge back then claimed the lives of 82 kids. .

In 31 states, the majority of the fatally injured children were aged 11 to 16 at the time.

The choking game entails purposefully attempting to choke oneself or another in order to experience a fleeting euphoric state or high, according to the CDC. ‘.

The “blackout challenge” resurrected the choking game on TikTok. “Despite being aware of what happened the last time this challenge was announced, people, mostly kids, are still participating in it. Risky viral trends are nothing new for TikTok. .

The “blackout challenge” is just the most recent in a long line of activities that can harm users or prove fatal, including “dry-scooping,” scaling tall stacks of milk crates, removing your IUD (! ), and consuming enormous amounts of frozen honey and corn syrup. .

Brain cells start to die after five minutes of inadequate oxygenation, as any person with even a basic understanding of how the human body functions would be aware. .

Similar challenges to the blackout challenge can quickly turn fatal if the participant tries to hold their breath for an extended period of time. .

It is a very sad reality that people have actually died after attempting the blackout challenge. .

After attempting the risky viral challenge, 10-year-old Nylah Anderson passed away at her Pennsylvania home.

Nylah, 10, was found unresponsive, and her family rushed her to Nemours Children’s Hospital, but she was unable to be revived.

Joshua Haileyesus, age 12, was found unconscious on March 22nd after accidentally choking on a shoelace. He passed away after 19 days on life support, according to CBS News. Haileyesus was attempting the “Blackout Challenge” just like Anderson. “.

A 2008 survey by the Oregon Public Health Division found that more than 50% of eighth graders had heard of or tried the “choking game,” despite the fact that many parents find it incredibly difficult to believe that their child would attempt something as disgusting as the blackout challenge. ‘.

Why is the Blackout challenge so dangerous?

The blackout challenge is risky because things could go south in a matter of minutes. .

It is very easy to die, fall into a coma, have seizures, or suffer permanent brain damage during the challenge that requires participants to hold their breath for as long as possible. .

Because they are innocent, kids are manipulated into performing such dangerous dares. Without considering the consequences, they take on these challenges.

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