Anush Apetyan Real Video Leaked On Telegram – At Jermuk, the final location of severe bombardment, the diplomatic corps of Armenia visited Army Chief of Staff Edward Asrian on Friday.

Asrien gave as one of his examples the horrific mutilation of an Armenian female soldier who had been captured by the Azerbaijani army. According to the Army chief of staff, he will provide diplomats with video of the strike.

“They committed atrocities against our soldiers, including women, in our combat posts,” Asrien alleged. I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing how they removed a female soldier’s legs. and fingers stripped her nude. The level of harshness was new.

A video of the incident Asrian described went popular on social media on Friday. Asbares viewed the footage but declined to share

Anush Apetyan Real Video Reddit Leaked On Telegram: Dead A Nurse Or A Sniper (Watch Full Video)

Anush Apetyan, a 36-year-old mother of three, was allegedly captured alive in Jermuk by Azerbaijani forces before being raped, tortured, and severely injured. Her eyes were gouged out, and the severed finger was placed in her mouth.

Asrian reminded the ambassadors that such atrocities are not authorized by any nation’s army, unit, or soldier. He called it a serious breach of international humanitarian law and charged Azerbaijan with committing war crimes.
He pledged that the Armenian Armed Forces would continue to take all necessary measures to protect the military safety of the nation.

The Army Chief of Staff reported during a briefing that surveillance footage showed a military unit of 50 to 60 Azerbaijanis leaving northern Jermuk, Vayots Zor area.

He claims that there is just one Azerbaijani military squad left in Jermuk, which is located on a mountaintop 4.5 kilometers (about 2.7 miles) outside of the city and is defended by Armenian forces.

They “cannot get to the outskirts of Jermuk with other troops.” There is only one group on the slope. If this aggressive group is not given access to food and water, they will quickly run out of resources and be forced to leave the nation.Asirian told the diplomat, “Our detachment had encircled the group.

Azerbaijanis allegedly mutilated Armenian army soldier Anush Apetyan

The tactical environment in the area, he said, was stable, and the group would soon go.

“No vehicles will be allowed to enter our area.” Right now there are none. They won’t be able to carry food or water, and after using up all of their resources, this army will disband and reassemble with its main group outside of Jermuk.

Asirian said, shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the Armenian army began to take defensive action against the Azerbaijani assault. However, a number of places were lost as a result of what he called “advantage of enemy forces.” He asserts that they are the Azerbaijani army’s bases, which enables hundreds of soldiers to infiltrate the heart of Armenia’s military zone.

During nearly 48 hours of fighting, he alleged, Azerbaijani troops penetrated 11 to 12 kilometers (6 to 7 miles) into Armenian territory. Asriyan claims that the area is still larger than 4.5 kilometers (2.7 miles), indicating that the Armenian army can yet retake them.

Diplomats from Armenia visited Jermuk this year and looked at some of the areas that have been the subject of the most intense battles. They witnessed firsthand the extent of the harm done to residents and local structures.

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