Watch: the intimate video controversy of Gonçalo Ramos that leaked to social networks

Watch: the intimate video controversy of Gonçalo Ramos that leaked to social networks – Gonzalo Ramos, the Benfica player currently representing the national team, was involved in a major controversy on Wednesday evening, December 7th. An intimate video of the 21-year-old athlete was posted on social media and shared widely.

The images, sent and apparently posted by a woman, show Gonzalo Ramos in a moment of masturbation.

Hours after the video aired, the player’s name reached the top of Twitter trends in Portugal. There are many propaganda messages, but even more messages of solidarity with footballers.

Watch Goncalo Ramos leaked twitter video

Ana García Martins, better known as “A Pipoca Mice Doce”, took to Instagram to comment on the topic: “People who share third party intimate videos: they are huge assholes”.

Joana Albuquerque, a former Big Brother participant, regretted that after Gonçalo Ramos shone at the World Cup in Qatar and scored three goals for the national team, controversy arose in the match (against Switzerland) just after qualifying. Quarterfinals. “Sometimes the people we trust are the ones we don’t want to see shine. Did you see Gonzalo Ramos’ video released after his performance yesterday? It was no coincidence.” Joana pointed out.

Among her fans, she has a lot of solidarity with the Portuguese star. Fan asks: “When girls’ nudes go viral and they’re freaks, but when a guy goes viral just because he’s famous and it’s Goncalo Ramos, is that really a joke ?

Full leak video of Portugal footballer Gonçalo Ramos

Gonzalo Ramos shared a very intimate video of himself with a woman. This woman shared the video. Sharing s*xual content without consent is a crime. The law does not apply only to female victims.

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This hypocrisy is uncomfortable. Me,” he fired another follower. Some fear that the release of the video will shake players’ mental states and “steal the World Cup.” What a dirty society. With Ronaldo, another victim of the invisible up there” the netizen himself said.



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