Watch: Fury video as Jaco Swart beating and kicking his wife – avoiding jail – Watch: Fury video as Jaco Swart beating and kicking his wife – avoiding jail,Enough to turn the cards over: Barry Bateman, AfriForum’s communications officer for their private prosecutor’s office, was outraged by the verdict that fell on the GBV case on Tuesday – he was not involved in the proceedings after damaging video evidence against Jaco Swart.

Black, a shameless business owner who calls himself a ‘hooligan’, was caught in the CCTV in the act of ruthlessly attacking his estranged wife. He delivers a series of stomping and flying stairs to his teammate, and for the rest of the world it seems like an open and closed affair.


Not surprisingly, the NPA first rejected the case last year before AfriForum resumed its private prosecution. Despite the waterproof case, the group fell on the last hurdle – and Jaco Swart failed behind bars. Their efforts resulted in several penalties, but Bateman and his teammates felt that Nicoleen Swart had not been satisfied.

Jaco Swart was fined 20,000 PSK on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty.
The court also imposed a three-year SENTUAL imprisonment lasting until 2027.
However, Black was not sentenced to an EFFECTIVE imprisonment where he could sit in prison. This will only happen when he sins again. To be clear, the man we have just hit and the living light of a woman has now seen a free man …

Other images not accepted by the court were released this afternoon:


Mourning Bateman explained the controversial court ruling on his Twitter. He said the state had been told to ‘confirm the authenticity of the video’, which caught the prosecution somewhat unsupervised. The President of the Senate also accepted Jaco Swart’s request.

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The court rejected the state’s request for admission of surveillance material – if it was not ready to provide evidence to confirm its authenticity. The judge accepted that Swart had shown remorse – despite noting that society looks to the courts for protection in GBV cases.”

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