(Watch) Black Chully tape: TikToker whose Lideo Leaked online on Twitter

(Watch) Black Chully tape: TikToker whose Lideo Leaked online on Twitter

caramesin.com – (Watch) Black Chully tape: TikToker whose Lideo Leaked online on Twitter,hi guys, on this occasion we will inform you about an adult video that has been spread on social media and has become a hot topic for netizens.

maybe some of you are curious about the video and want to know who the actors in the video scene are.

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If you feel curious, let’s continue to read our discussion until it’s finished.

Before going into a deeper discussion, we will reveal who the actors in the video are, maybe some of you already know? maybe some of you know but the information you get is not accurate! let’s go straight to the discussion.

Viral video clips of one of Nigeria’s most famous Tik-Tokers, better known as Black Chully, have appeared on the Internet.

In one of the viral videos, Black Chully is now in the trend zone after allegedly revealing his video from the bedroom.

Black Chully is a new Nigerian actress and cabaret artist who is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Black Chully, whom many know for her adorable beauty and big back, has played a role in comics in several films and is also known for TikTok.


The famous Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede revealed how she escaped a robbery attack on the Beards at the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos.

He said he was almost robbed Thursday night while sitting on a bridge in traffic.

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The 38-year-old woman described her suffering on Friday in a Twitter post.

He wrote on Twitter: “Last night (Thursday) around 21:00 the guy almost stole my 3 MB. I was lucky that the traffic shifted a bit, so I moved the car when he left. “Under the Oworonsoki Bridge, he needs rehabilitation. This man has jumped from under the bridge. They are targeting people who drive alone, safe men.”

Jegede warned women to be especially careful when driving alone at night and advised them to stay between cars if they could not wait to get driving.

If you drive alone in traffic, do not drive in the fast lane (last lane on the left), leave the car between cars. Ladies in particular, if you can, please stay where you are until you see the sun. There is a famine in the city. “

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