Viral: Video Recorded Shooting at Buckhead Manager Ludacris Chaka Zulu

Viral: Video Recorded Shooting at Buckhead Manager Ludacris Chaka – To check in with a manager who accompanies you wherever you go. At this time, the keeper will check the recorded data of Chaka Zulu during the photo shoot. Flight. This is the name of young hijab. Let’s say he was looking for news about Chaka Zulu filming the video director of Ludacris in Buckhead. At the time, Journey didn’t need to stress the argument that it makes sense for managers to move from here to full data.

Some of you may be familiar with the data from the viral Buckhead set video of Ludacris manager Chaka Zulu. However, if she didn’t know him at all, she could pay as much attention as possible to the conversation accompanying him at that time. Ludacris’ video director Chaka Zulu downloaded the footage and associated communications from Buckhead’s recording, and the administrator also gave him the video.


Chaka Zulu, the music manager and former manager of rapper Ludacris, surrendered at Fulton Regency Prison on Sept. 13. Zulu, whose real name is Ahmed Obafemi, was used during manslaughter, aggravated assault, and crimes. Charged with a fire extinguisher, and a simple battery. Belawiti said Obafemi was named a suspect in a shooting in June that left one person dead and two others injured, including himself.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Atlanta restaurant APT 4B. According to CNN, police arrived at the scene around 11:35 p.m. On 26 June, three more people were found with gunshot wounds. All three were taken to hospital, where one of them, Artis Jameel Benton, died.

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Obafemi’s legal team has been trained to defend itself after the June shooting. This account assumes that he could have tried to reduce hostilities.

Observation logs of the hostilities have been released. And the video caused many to question the veracity of Obafemi’s claims.

Footage Of Shooting Involving Chaka Zulu May Show Evidence Of Self-Defense

Instagram user @ shanehall1 posted a photo of the recording.

You wrote a video titled “Correction: ADP was accused by Chaka, not DA”.

“I hope @atlantapolice and @fulticountyda can confirm that the APD made a mistake! The men lie, the women lie, the tapes don’t lie!”, But the four men decide to brutally attack her, “she continued. “You can see young college student Artez Benton being shot by the car, sitting on it and punching him in the face while others step on his head and kick him,” he wrote. “How could he be charged with murder when he was attacked and shot by the tall man in the video? how? “or” what??

In the video, after Obafemi was first attacked by a group of unidentified men, Hall began questioning the allegations.

He said, “How law enforcement, prosecutors, and anyone who should know the law have released a video accusing a 52-year-old man of being run over by four men in a remote area and committing murder. I tried to understand what you were looking at. “He asked.

Hall continues to stop the work indicated in the recording. He recognized a group of five men waiting for Obafemi as he prepared to enter the parking lot.

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It shows the person who appears to be “having a problem with Xhaka” as “standing and waiting for Xhaka in the corner”, while other men are seen walking towards him from other areas. Then an unknown man approached with another Obafemi to watch.

Hall revealed that the man standing in front of Obafimi had his hand on his hip “as if he had a gun”.

“Chaka was trying to stop the guy from taking out whatever he had and pushed him into the car, so he pulled over,” she said. “Then the others run away and start hitting and stomping on Shaka.”

“So you were trying to figure out how Shaka was arrested for murder when he was being attacked?” he concluded.

The video shows people attacking Obafemi. Law firm Obafemi Gabe Banks released a statement via an official Instagram account on Sunday.

The last word

This is a short conversation from a photo shoot of Ludacris director Chaka Zulu Buckhead in the official full video. The manager apologizes somewhat for any inconsistencies with the data we investigated. Thank you for your visit.

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