The girl’s name revealed Sehaj Arora And Gurpreet Kaur,Full video of Jalandhar pizza Kulhad couple goes viral – A couple from Jalandhar rose to prominence a few months ago with their new culinary invention, Kulhad pizza.

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur are the couple of Kulhad Pizza, and their rise from obscurity to fame is nothing short of amazing. This couple made a name for themselves in 2022 when they shared their unique kulhad pizza recipe with the world.

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Full video of Kulhad pizza Jalandhar couple going viral on Twitter and Reddit as names of girl and boy revealed

Their food offering at Jyoti Chowk attracted attention from many quarters when they first came to be known for their fantastic concept of ‘pizza kulhad’. Their rapid rise to fame began when several famous food bloggers stopped at their small roadside kiosk, making their way into social media.

The couple expanded from their main street base to a full-service restaurant thanks to their growing popularity. However, the couple has recently made headlines for various reasons.

All this is because of a suspicious video that appeared on social media and caused a flood of viral videos. The viral video led netizens to speculate about the authenticity of the video. So, here’s what we know about the secret video of this pizza couple from Kulhad.

The image behind Pizza Couple Kulhad released a self-titled video

Sehaj Arora, the owner of Kulhad Pizza, has reacted to the video and has argued that the video is authentic. Arora says that the video was invented and intelligence was used to manipulate the image.

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Arora says that after receiving a blackmail message on Instagram, things took a turn for the worse and she was forced to file a complaint at Thana number 4 in Jalandhar. He went on to say that the protestors could have intelligently changed the face in the >video<.

Sehaj Arora issued a stern warning to the viewers, asking them not to share the video and delete it immediately. He also threatened to sue.

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